How to open these frustrating little bags

We know, we know the bags of soup can be quite frustrating if your trying to open them in a rush. Hopefully this post will help you open up your bag without spilling beans all over the floor.

You will need:
Butter knife
Package of soup



1. Use the butter knife to remove the staples from the label. You’ll want to keep this in one piece since the directions are on the back and there are little tidbits and facts on the bottom.


A. From the back of the package pry open the fold of the staples
B. After prying open the back folds of the staples slip you butter knife under the staple and pull gently directly toward you. The staples should come right out and the label slip right off.

DSCN02562. With the soup facing away from you pull up on the little flap that was folded over when the soup was sealed.

3. Cut open the package with the scissors.DSCN0257

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