Jessica A – Shipper/Base maker

My name is Jessica Albertson I was born in a small Oregon coast town of Coos Bay. I was raised upon a farm till I was 12 years old and had my best days on the farm. From swimming in our pool which was really a water trough to wanting a horse so bad that I rode my favorite cow to only end up face first in a cow pie. Living on the farm helped shape me into the hard worker that I believe I am today.


One of my fondest memories of the farm was trying to surprise my parents by getting up early to feed all the calves so my mom would be able to make pancakes for breakfast. But only being 7 years old I mistakenly fed all the calves bad milk giving all of them scours. But it’s the thought that counts right.

As I grew older I began to develop my passion for sports playing both basketball and softball.  In high school I took my passion for softball to a whole new level. Spending thousands of my parent’s money to go to the best college exposure camps and being on the best competitive teams. But it all paid off I went on to play three amazing years of collegiate softball and made unforgettable friends.

Along my journey I moved to Ellensburg to finish my last two years of college and begin working at Rill foods. This is an amazing company and it’s nice to work alongside family. I have had some great times working here,  the latest is being locked into the new shipping room. Even though I could have technically opened the garage door it was unfortunately more complicated than I imagined. The best part was that this shipping room was cold enough to store frosty the snowman and that I had to text Ninon to come let me out. All she text back was “funny”. Not so funny to me.

Today I am a senior at Central Washington University and will graduate with my bachelors of exercise science in spring. I plan to leave Ellensburg and pursue my new life as a post rehab specialist.


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