Kylee H – Assistant Production Manager

I started dating Koby, Ninon’s youngest son, in 2009 when we were just Sophomores in high school. Then, I worked at a Subway in Ellensburg, but in 2011, when I quit my job at Subway and was on the hunt for a new living, I got snatched up to work in the family businesses of Rill Specialty Foods and Rill Adventures. Working for my boyfriend of only two years’ family was extremely intimidating at first, but it turned into a blessing. Over the years that I worked for Rill’s, Koby’s family became my own. How many people can claim to have that kind of relationship their in-laws?

For the three years that I worked at Rill Specialty Foods I learned to do everything from soup production to some office work. I even ran the business while going to college all by myself for a month at the beginning of 2012 while Ninon and Lacey were in Europe, and I did a darn good job if I do say so myself. Now I have started a new job working for my Uncle in the agriculture industry as a sales and marketing assistant, which is a huge opportunity for me because I’ll be getting tons of experience doing what I hope to do in the future, marketing.

Currently, I am a junior working on getting my business degree at Central Washington University. My experience and the things that I learned working in a small, family-run business will always stick with me and help me as I complete my degree and move on to do my own thing.

sfKylee worked for Rills from 2011- Jan 2014

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