Meet the Staff – Jill S

I was born in Auburn, Washington and spent most of my childhood in and around my birth town. If you’ve never had the opportunity to travel to the Auburn/Black Diamond area imagine it as a hidden suburbia surrounded by dense forest. As a child I occupied myself playing in the woods that surrounded my home or pretending that I was stranded on an island. Metro buses didn’t come to Black Diamond, you either had to take the school bus to town or drive, so it was never hard to imagine ourselves completely cut off from the world. This Jill S.feeling of being “stuck” made me appreciate the trees around me and all that they had to offer. As I’ve grown older I still enjoy thinking about all the adventures I discovered in the forests surrounding my home and the good times I had beneath the sweeping boughs of the trees.

As I grew older I moved to Kent, then Renton. After my daughter, Mikayla was born though I decided that I wanted to move to a smaller town and I found Ellensburg. Ellensburg has a slower pace of life and the small town atmosphere I was looking for. We have been so happy in Ellensburg the last fourteen years that I don’t think we’ll ever move back to city life.

I’ve been at Rill’s for over a month now and despite the fact that the shipping room is cold enough to store a popsicle I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy shipping soups to happy customers despite the fact that sometimes I have to ship with cold clumsy fingers. I enjoy working in the production room too mostly because it smells so good. The first day I worked in the production room I came home and my daughter couldn’t stop talking about how good my clothes smelt. Needless to say we filled our bellies with Omak Kick’n Chicken that night. I look forward to making quality food and shipping tasty soups to satisfied customers in the months to come.


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