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Rill's Specialty Foods Gift Package

Small Gift Box With Small Soups

Custom Gift Boxes


Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes


Spanish lentils in a Package

Spanish Lentils

Grown in Washington State


St. Helens Chicken & Mushroom Soup Package

St Helens Chicken Noodle & Mushroom Soup

St Helens


St. Marie's Wild Chicken Soup in Package

St. Marie’s Wild Chicken Soup

St. Marie's


Steptoe Butte Barley & Mushroom Soup Package

Steptoe Butte Barley and Mushroom

Steptoe Butte


Taco spice in a bag

Taco Seasoning

Made in Washington State


Tacoma Tortilla Soup Package - Gluten Free

Tacoma Tortilla Soup



Taneum Canyon Chili in Package

Taneum Canyon Chili

Taneum Canyon


Tekoa Split Pea Soup Package - Gluten Free

Tekoa Split Pea Soup



Thorpellini Tortellini Soup in Package

Thorpellini Tortellini Soup




Umatilla Tomato Soup



Veggie broth in a Bag

Vegetable Broth

Made in Washington State


Wapato Stuffed Pepper Soup Package

Wapato Stuffed Pepper Soup