Go to Daniel Fast Meal

One of the reasons why cooking according to the Daniel Fast can be so hard is probably because it seems too simple. When a person is standing over the oven it’s hard to tell themselves that not everything needs to be drenched in ketchup, slathered in mayo, topped with cheese or overflowing with meat. Sometimes all a meal needs is basic whole grains and fresh steamed vegetables.

Brown Rice and Vegetables
You will need:
1/4 of Brown rice per person (dry)
1/2 cup fresh cut vegetables per person

fresh garlic
bok choy
any vegetable really

Cook the rice according to the directions. Note that brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice. When the rice is done/ almost done cook your vegetables. You can steam them or fly them up in a skillet. Try cooking the vegetables with water instead of oil if you put them in a skillet. Top rice with vegetables and enjoy. Season with just salt and pepper for a real simple back to the basics dinner.

If you want to throw some chili powder in the mix, some cumin, black pepper, and a little extra garlic you can alway make some homemade tortillas too!

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