Michelle S.
Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

Perfect for chilly days! Very good with added Italian Sausage. Even my picky husband liked it.

Jean S.
Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

Oh yum! This is goodness in a package! The seasonings are very strong (not wimpy) and the recommendation is to brown Italian sausage. I used kielbasa and it was very very good. Will definitely order more of this.

Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

Yum! Little Kid-approved The instructions were easy, and my picky kids liked it! Win-Win for Momma!! The only thing we did extra was that we added a cup or two more of some tortellini, but we like lots of stuff in our soup. Definitely stocking the shelves with this!!

Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

Winner in our house! My 2.5 yr old toddler loved this as well as my husband! I used a full pound of mild Italian sausage and it was a huge hit with a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top! Definitely going to be included more often in the meal rotation in our household.

Jenny D.
Tekoa Split Pea

Ham not needed! Directions call for adding ham, but this mix is great vegetarian. Easy to make with a great balance of flavors. Yum!

Tekoa Split Pea

Super easy to make and great tasting! I used 4 cups chicken bone broth and 4 cups water without any other additions and it tastes great! Enough for a few meals for the week, definitely worth the cost for the quality. You can easily customize by adding any extras as you wish. Would purchase again for sure!

Tammi K.
Columbia River Corn Chowder

PHENOMENAL! I added some chicken and bacon and OH MY GRAVY this soup is amazing. I also added a can of cream of corn soup and a drained can of corn to bump it up for a small get together - everyone RAVED about the soup. I made it creamier by not added as much water and adding more whole organic milk

Donald J.
Columbia River Corn Chowder

I used chorizo instead of the sausage suggested-- it was delicious!

Lael E.
Columbia River Corn Chowder

This is something to have on hand. It was fine the way it was, a little more like baked potato soup, at least once I added some cheese and bacon. I think it would be lovely with some fresh or canned corn added. It was also a lot of soup for just 2 of us. 

Carol B.
Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

SOMEONE needs to go online and tell others how delicious this Tortellini soup is. I am a big fan of staying AWAY from dehydrated soups, because I do not think they always taste as good as homemade. However, this soup has changed my mind. Our family of four ate ALL of it and agreed that it was good. We actually mixed some cooked hamburger meat into the soup, which really set it off. Also served it with warm bread. It was a hit. Also, I noticed that amazon does not offer the CORN CHOWDER product of this brand. Purchased it at the grocer and the Corn Chowder is also very, very good. We had it last night for dinner and am bummed that it is not for sale on amazon, as I was going to order BOTH soups in bulk. Guess I will empty the shelves at the grocer of both soups. Just fyi, consider the fact that this soup can sit in your pantry for quite a while until ready to be cooked. Sometimes having extra food on hand for who-knows-what is a good thing.

G Marcus
Tekoa Split Pea

I've tried to find a Split Pea Soup that had no dairy/whey in it. This is the first Split Pea Soup that is good tasting and without the whey, lactose, dairy. No other dairy free soup comes close.

Em McBride
Omak Kick’n Chicken soup

Just made some Omak Kick’n Chicken soup. It was a gift from home (WA) It was the perfect meal for a cold Christmas Eve here in Arizona. It was tasty, comforting, filling and had a great kick! I loved how easy it was to make. We will definitely be ordering more and trying all the other great sounding soup mixes!