Lentil and Brown Rice with extra sausage and veggies

I like to spice up the lentil and brown rice with tons of vegetables and sausage. Of course IDSCN0297 add the basics, some extra carrots and fresh tomatoes instead of canned but double what the recipe calls for. Sometimes is even throw in some extra onion because, really, when is there ever too much onion.

My favorite thing to add to the lentil and brown rice though, is red cabbage. I like it when it is still a little crunchy so what I do is add in a cup of cabbage, a cup and a half if I’m really feeling the vegetables, about 20 minutes before the rice is done. This way I make sure that it is cooked enough to be passable for the other members of the family but just crunchy enough for my taste.

Don’t forget to add some sausage too. It’s no longer a Daniel Fast edible soup once you add meat but it’s still healthy and maybe even more delicious. My favorite is a sweet apple sage sausage I get at a local store.

Remember to experiment when you make the soups. Of course they are great just out of the bag but it’s always rewarding to play with your food and have it turn out even more amazing.


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