Looking for Instant Pot Directions for Your Favorite Soup?

We’ve got you covered. The instant pot- or pressure cooker -is growing in popularity. Quicker cook times than the crockpot, but with the same easy clean-up, weeknight soup is done in a snap! We know that the instant pot can be intimidating when first starting out so we compiled a list of how to cook any type of soup in the instant pot. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to make any of your favorite soups in the Instant Pot.

There is certainly a reason the instant pot is quickly taking over every kitchen. It’s simple and can make many of your favorite dishes! This article from Living Well Spending Less lists some excellent tips and directions for your Instant Pot. One note I especially found helpful was using separate sealing rings for different food flavors, such as one for savory dishes and one for sweet. You can read all the tips here.

Below is a complete list of each type of soup and the cooking variations. No more hard beans or mushy rice with these easy-to-follow steps!

Use these easy steps for any soup recipe you find, and you will have warm and comforting soup any day of the week! These Instant Pot directions also work beautifully with Rill Specialty Foods soup!

Directions for Cooking All Types of Soup in The Instant Pot

Use these easy steps for any soup recipe you find, and you will have warm and comforting soup any day of the week! These Instant Pot directions also work beautifully with Rill Specialty Foods soup!

  1. Set to Saute Mode and brown any meat or meat substitute. (Otherwise, make sure meat is in bite-sized pieces and add in step 4).
  2. When the meat is halfway browned, Saute aromatics such as onion, ginger, or garlic.
  3. Reduce water/broth by 10-20% (multiply the number of cups in the recipe by 0.9 or 0.8).
  4. Combine all ingredients, and stir to combine.
  5. Set Instant Pot to Soup Mode or Manual-High Pressure for:

Bean Soups

30 mins

Release naturally.

Lentil, Pea, Barley, Brown Rice, and Wild Rice Soups

20 mins

Release naturally.

White Rice, Couscous, Quinoa, and Noodle Soups

10 mins with natural release

OR 15 mins with quick release.

Chowder and Vegetable Soups

10 mins with quick release

For chowders: set to Saute and add milk. Heat until warm, do not boil.

      6. Add Garnish like green onion, shredded cheese, or bacon bits. Enjoy!


Bean Soups

Pre-soaking the beans is not required! This method will work for any bean soup or chili. Make sure to rinse beans and check for any pebbles or field debris that may be present. Cooking bean soups in the Instant Pot cuts down the time between pantry and table by milestones! Without needing to soak your beans overnight or cook for several hours, bean soups and chilis are just as quick and easy as any other soups!

Pictured above: Sweet potatoes and beans can’t go wrong: Shoshone Falls Black Bean Soup!


Lentil, Pea, Brown Rice or Barley Soups

This method will work with lentils, barley, pea, small beans, brown rice, and wild rice soups. No longer notorious for taking so long to cook, legumes and brown rice can be done in a snap! With plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, you’ll wonder why you didn’t cook with them more.

Pictured above: Vegan base and packed with veggies: Free in Babylon Barley and Vegetable Soup


White Rice, Quinoa or Noodle Soups

This method will also work with white rice, couscous, quinoa, and noodle soups. Preserve the texture of your rice and noodles by following these easy Instant Pot directions. There will be no more mushy and overcooked rice and no more undercooked ad grainy quinoa in your kitchen! Cooking these soups in the Instant Pot is also easy cleanup!

Pictured above: Made with nutty wild rice, even picky eaters love our St. Marie’s Wild Chicken Soup


Chowders and Vegetable Soups

This method works with any chowders and vegetable soups. Who doesn’t love a good chowder on a cold day or a light vegetable soup on a warm day? Whatever the occasion, cooking chowder and vegetable soups in the Instant Pot is a breeze! And no more mushy veggies!

Pictured above: Creamy chowder with our secret blend of spices makes seafood flavor pop - Puget Sound Seafood Chowder